Retrospective Continuity



These comic pages are not part of any chapter

Space Adventures #14 The New Look

A look at the terrible outcomes of a future timeline

Strange Planets #1 Clean Start

The federation evaluates whether humanity deserves to become a member.

Fantastic Comics #11

Flip Falcon travels to the prehistoric era

Herbie #1

Dragon tears are the primary ingredient in a government project which means they must turn to Herbie to obtain them.

Startling Comics #3

Ace Buckley and his gal pal Toni Stark take a time machine out for a spin

Top Notch #1

Scott Rand travels through time and space

Space Adventures #1

The Time Skipper's maiden voyage

Lightning Comics #4

Whiz Wilson travels so far in the future it looks a lot like the past (a theme)

Airboy volume 3 issue 4

Iron Ace is told the story of Icarus

Power Comics #1 p 49

recap of the story of Icarus

Punch Comics #1

Mr. E uses his connection to an ancient god to fight crime

Out of This World Adventures #2

Crom battles The Spider God of Akka

Out of This World #11

Thorigin..ahem.. Thor's Origin

Humdinger v2 Issue 2

Mickey Starlight is told the story of Theseus

Exciting Comics #2

The origin of the Son of Gods

Kooba cola

possible retraction (read the author's notes)

Soda Museum confirmation

Update on the fake soda crisis

Thrilling Comics 22

The Ghost's adventures in time

The Unseen #13

The Dew Men/Werewolf of Paris

Black Knight Comics 1

Black Knight's first encounter with the supernatural

Wonder Comics #20

Prince John attempts to flee justice

Weird Comics 7

The Sorceress of Zoom attacks Camelot

Prize Comics #9

Doctor Cold vs Vulcan the Steam Dwarf

OK Comics #1

Origin of the Phantom Knight